Clothes Shopping

  • Makes appropriate purchases (seasonal, sizing, fabrics, current stock, casual/professional, budget)
  • Recognizes the importance of trying items on and where to do so before purchasing (shoes, bras, clothes, using the fitting rooms)

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the procedure for and the importance of:
  • figuring out what size to buy
  • figuring out what clothes you need to buy
  • going through your closet to see what clothes you already have
  • trying clothes/shoes on
  • choosing what fabrics to buy (consideration for care and cleaning)
  • deciding between brand names vs budget
  • figuring out shoe sizes
  • figuring out bra sizes
  • fitting room - getting help, etiquette, limits
  • what can be tried on?
  • what can be returned?
  • using sales, flyers
  • shopping  around