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Clothes Shopping Lesson Ideas

Look through catalogs and talk about;
  • What kind of clothes students like
  • What kind of clothes are appropriate for the given situation
  • What budget they have
  • develop a questionnaire to consider why people chose the clothes they do
  •  research the Internet for processes of shoe care
  • ask two or more older people about the clothes they wore when they were in their teens. Question about fads, forms of decoration, modesty codes, fabrics.
  • figure out the cost per wearing of a recently purchased item
  • create a poster of places where clothing can be purchased. List advantages and disadvantages of shopping at each place.
  • collect ads that show sale terms and create a poster with them
  • visit a department or clothing specialty store for a demonstration on clothing fit
  • make a list of items needed for clothing storage
  • plan a fashion show from a local thrift store. Set a dollar limit such as $25.00 for each outfit
  • create a scrapbook of ideas for clothing that is appropriate for yourself
  • interview people from different stages of life for budgeting advice