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Community Living Lesson Ideas

  • Make a list of places in our community. Each child chooses one place to draw and tell about. (Examples: zoo, art museum, fire station, gas station, mall, grocery store.) I include photos whenever possible. The pages are put together to make a class book. 
  • How about talking about what a community is (a place where people live, work, and play). You might give examples of this in your own community or as a school community. Then give student groups a piece of big white paper and tell them they need to create their own community. Assign one student to be in charge of making places to live, a student for places to work, and a student for places to play. Have the groups name their communities and present them to the class.
  • Discuss important places in our community (doctor's office, barber shop, grocery store, restaurant, police station etc.) Then give each child a square shaped piece of poster board, construction paper or fabric and have them decorate it. Then they are to write on paper an important place in their community & why it is important. Then they put their writing on their quilt piece and we all sew or yarn the pieces together to make a quilt. 
  • Build a community out of boxes and make the roads out of tape.

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Jessi Lalonde,
Aug 5, 2010, 1:01 PM
Jessi Lalonde,
Aug 5, 2010, 1:09 PM