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Conversation Assessment and Evaluation

 iRubric provides this rubric to evaluate conversation skills.


E-Center has a number of task analyses including these ones related to conversation skills:
            •  Considering and Respecting Others' Opinion
            •  Conversation
            •  Introducing Self
            •  Listening/Paying Attention
            •  Responds to Greeting
            •  Responds to Personal Question
            •  Turn Taking

Hit the jackpot today with a series of social skills checklists for monitoring progress in various areas.  Each area has a manageable set of goals under them, and could therefore also be useful in IEP-planning.  They are from a summer program for ASD kids ages 6 to 14 with mild to moderate impairment.

_____________ will protest/reject/refuse an item/action/person at _______ level ______ out of _____ 
opportunities as measured by _________.

__________ will initiate and maintain an interactive communication at __________ level _____ out of _____
opportunities as measured by ____________.