Students will demonstrate an ability to:
  • peel vegetables safely and efficiently
  • slice vegetables
  • wash fruits and vegetables
  • spread butter (or another spread) on toast or bread
  •  make toast
  •  make a cold breakfast
  •  defrost food

  • measure amounts of liquid in a measuring cup
  • measure dry ingredients in a measuring cup
  • measure food in measuring spoons
  • dish out appropriate portions

  • stir ingredients together until well mixed
  • preheat an oven
  • turn on a stove safely
  • test to see if baking is cooked by using a toothpick

  • use electric beaters
  • open a can with a hand opener
  • open a can using an electric can opener
  • heat food in the microwave
  • heat food on the stove

  • store leftover foods
  • identify and discard spoiled foods
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