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Cooking Assessment and Evaluation

Here is a rubric about following a recipe.

Recipe Rubric: Students will have knowledge of how to read and follow the instructions of a recipe, cooking vocabulary, use the correct tools for measuring ingredients, work cooperatively with others and complete a finished dish.

   Here is a task analysis of a cooking task that involves measuring ingredients.

E-Centre has a large number of task analyses including these related to cooking:
            •  Making Coffee
            • Making Juice (Frozen)
            • Making a Sandwich
            • Making Toast
            •  Slicing With a Knife
            • Using a Knife to Spread
            • Use of Electric Kettle 
            • Use of Hand Mixer 
            • Use of Microwave 
            • Use of Mixmaster
            • Use of Stove
            • Use of Oven
            • Use of Refrigerator
            • Use of Oven Mitts

Here are some sample SMART Goals:
          • ________ will, with direction, read recipes and directions, answer related questions and use kitchen equipment safely and effectively to prepare simple meals and snacks with 80% accuracy.
          • ________ will follow simple, one step directions in the kitchen as part of making a healthy meal, 5 times this term.
Jessi Lalonde,
Aug 13, 2011, 10:02 AM