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Cooperation Assessment and Evaluation

Here is a tracking sheet for evaluating cooperative play skills.
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Autism4Teachers provides the following data collection sheet.


Read Write Think has this Cooperative Learning Rubric.

Social Skills Lessons: Rubrics and lots of really nice lessons for middle school students.

Here is a very nice play skills rubric that assesses these skills in a variety of settings. 


E-Centre has a large number of task analyses including these ones related to cooperation:
            •  Sharing Time (Conversation Time)
            • Sharing with Others
            • Taking Turns
            •  Responds to Play Invitations
            •  Joining in Group Activity with Other Classmates
            •  Considering and Respecting Others' Opinions

Here are some sample SMART Goals:
          • _____will work cooperatively with peers in small group settings (ie. Share materials, allow peers to share different thoughts) 4/5 opportunities to do so.
          • _____ will engage in appropriate cooperative social play interactions initiated by others 4/5 opportunities to do so.
          • _____ will engage in cooperative social play interactions by allowing others to make changes or alter the play routine 4/5 opportunities to do so.
          • _____ will engage in appropriate turn-taking skills by attending to peer’s turn and waiting for own turn 4/5 opportunities to do so.
          • _____will appropriately acknowledge an interaction initiated by others by giving an appropriate response, either verbal or non-verbal.