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Cooperation Lesson Ideas

  • At play time encourage student to trade their current toy for a preferred toy that you have. Reinforce this sharing.
  • At snack time offer some preferred snack if the student will share their snack with you.
  • Play games that involve turn taking like Go Fish or Snakes and Ladders.
  • Watch sporting events. Talk about the turn taking that is happening.
  • Play team sports. Reinforce turn taking and cooperative play.
  • Perform an activity in class as an assembly line. Talk about what would happen if someone did not do their step.
  • Do tasks as a group that encourage cooperation:
    • making a bulletin board
    • planting a garden
    • participate in a community clean up
    • hold a bake sale
    • cooking a meal
    • plan a party
  • Take turns adding blocks to a tower – talk out loud about my turn, your turn.

  • Play concentration.

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