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Data Management Lesson Ideas

          • Ask children to wear their name tags. The teacher stands and the children come and stand in front of the teacher when the teacher says, "Ok, if your name has

             1 letter in it come and stand here." The teacher then moves over and goes to the next number (2, 3, 4, etc.).  Ask each child in the front of a line hold a number card that has the number of letters on it. Then teachers ask questions like, "Which line has the most letters? Which line has the least letters?  Are there any lines that are the same?" Teachers can also make a graph on the board . 
          • Which One's Different

            : Put out the objects tell the children that one object is not like the others (stressing the word not). Ask the children to point to the object that is not the same as the other objects. Repeat with another series of objects.
  • Morning, Noon, and Night-Bulletin Board: Divide a bulletin board into three sections labeled "morning," "afternoon," and "evening." Draw a rectangle in each section. You could add a picture at the top of each rectangle. Morning could be a smiley face, afternoon could be a less smiley face, evening a sleeping face.

  • Have the children cut clothes and objects from the magazines and place them into the proper region. For example, what would someone wear in the morning? When would a toaster most likely be used? When would a bed most likely be used?

  • Morning, Noon, and Night: Make a three page book. Label the pages: Morning, Afternoon and Night. Have children find pictures of morning, afternoon, and evening routines to cut out. Show the pictures. Have children glue the pictures onto the correct page in their books.

  • 3-Ring Circles: Place 3 pieces of yarn on the floor to make a "3-ring circles". Have children sort buttons, toys or other objects and place each item inside a ring. Then take 2 related and 1 unrelated objects and place them in a ring. Do this for each ring. Have a child remove the thing that does not belong.

  • Sort the Cars: Place a large assortment of toy cars in the group time area. Challenge children to find different ways to sort them. Possibilities include color, number of wheels, cars with or without writing, cars with doors that open, and number of doors. Children might come up with other ideas, as well.

  • Color Lids: Ask children to sort materials by color. Children may glue materials of the same color onto juice-can lids. Children can make several lids of different colors.

  • Provide a supply of nuts & bolts OR different kinds of pasta shapes OR different colors/types of paper clips OR something else that is small and can be sorted. Glue ONE of each major "type" onto an index card (I sometimes use wide clear packing tape to affix items to the card - you can see through it & its more permanent than glue.) Have the child sort the items by matching them up to the "type cards." Make this harder by requiring the sorts to be "by size only" or "by size AND type" etc.

Smartie Math Ideas
        • graph according to ingredients
        • taste test. what flavour is your favourite?
        • survey how people eat their Smartie - does the data relate to the advertising?


Smartie Math Ideas
      • Put 2 colours in a bag. What are the chances of getting colour A? Colour B? Change how many of each colour you put in. How does this change your chances?