Big and Little

          • Present students with a group of objects made up of sets of 2 of each object - one big, one small. Have students find the pairs and state which of them is big and which is small.
          • Sort your pairs of objects into 2 boxes - a big box and a little box.
          • Have students string necklaces with a variety of big and little beads. When completed have them touch each bead and tell you if the bead is big or little.
          • On a large piece of mural paper make 2 headings: Big and Little. Have students draw pictures under the headings of big and little objects in the world around them.
          • Use play-doh and make big circles and little circles together.
          • Go outside and show your students all of the big things (trees, house, mountain etc.). Show them all of the little things (bugs, rocks, flowers, dirt etc.). Have them point out some big and little things.

Free printable pages for students to practice identifying big and small.

A set of A4 printable bingo boards and picture cards.  There are 6 boards which include pictures of different sized objects relating to each bear.  Children can match the corresponding bear cards or picture cards to the boards.  A fun activity to reinforce size comparison!

Help kids learn the concept of sizes with this set of big and small printable worksheets. These worksheets help kids learn and practice the idea of big vs. small. This set includes worksheets for big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller and smallest.

the children cut out the six pictures of the elephants and sequence them from big to small or from small to big.

Ideas for teaching big and little.


Ideas for teaching big and little.

Printable big and small pages.

An elephant is big, a mouse is little.

Printable sorting activity.

Worksheets about large/small/

Make a big/small sorting task.