• Put a hula hoop or tape circle on the floor. When you say full all the students should run into the circle. When you say empty all of the students should run out of the circle.
          • Talk about full and empty at lunch time. at the beginning of lunch talk about how your juice box is full and at the end show them that it is empty.
            • Have the students show something in their lunch that is full or empty.
            • Fill a balloon with air, explain that the balloon is full of air. Let the air out and explain that the balloon is empty. Repeat.
            • Use rice, sand, water or beans to fill cups and then empty them.

Instructions for an empty/full demonstration.

Liquid containers are usually described as full or empty. Make your students identify which is which from the pictures on this printable flash card. They may even spot the difference in the types of glasses shown.

3 very simple A4 posters showing a bottle half-full, full and empty.

A power point slideshow showing full/empty.

Some full/empty printables.