• Fill 6 plastic eggs with sand. Fill the other 6 plastic eggs with stuffing . Have students close their eyes. Hand them an egg and have them tell you if it is heavy or light.
  • Make a simple balance out of a clothes hanger. Demonstrate heavy and light objects.
  • Let your child be a human scale. Ask them to hold one item in each hand. Which is heavier? Is the larger item always the heavier one?? For example, compare a roll of paper towels to a full water bottle, or a bag full of pennies to a large bag of socks.

7 simple posters showing weighing scales with different weight cubes.  Great for demonstrating heavier and lighter.

Online heavy/light puzzles.

Printable concept book.

Is a house key heavier then Timmy the cat? In this worksheet your child will answer questions that are all about relative weight.