Tall Short

          • Ask students to reach way up high with their arms and make themselves tall. Now ask them to scrunch down low and make themselves short.
          • Have students use blocks to build a tower. Talk to them as they build it about how tall it is getting.

A colourful printable height chart that can be assembled and fixed to a wall.  The chart goes up to 160cm but can be assembled to be as tall or short as you require.

This set of printable worksheets is designed to help teach kids the concept of height. These worksheets help kids learn the idea of tall vs. short. This set includes worksheets for tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter and shortest.

Tall and short printables. 

the children cut out the five pictures of the giraffes and sequence them from tall to short or from short to tall.

Using language to describe and compare length for grade year K, Length maths worksheet