Decision Making Lesson Ideas

          • Teach choice making.
          • Brainstorm decisions that your students make every day (what to wear, who to play with, etc.)
          • Talk about people who help you make good decisions.
          • Make 3 signs (me, teacher, parent). Have students hold up the sign(s) that show who makes a decision in a scenario you give them.
          • Talk about what it means to be responsible for your decisions. Read newspaper articles about people being rewarded or punished. How are they being held responsible for their decisions?
          • Talk about goals for the future and the decisions you need to make ahead of time to meet these goals.
          • Talk about heroes - what decisions have these people made that make them heroes?
          • Write about something you want to get better at.
          • List 10 responsibilities you have at home - why do you feel good when you do these jobs?
          • Interview a "successful person" about their decisions.
          • Role play a situation where you changed your mind.