Decision Making Resources

A skill building tipsheet 

Most of the time, adults make decisions for children. Adult often decide what foods will be served, when meals will occur, where children can and cannot go, and which books will be read. It is important to ensure that we allow children the opportunity to make choices when it is appropriate.

Kids often shut down when faced with a problem or obstacle. How can you help them develop the skills to face challenges confidently?

Teaching Decision Making to Students with Learning Disabilities by Promoting Self-Determination

Decision making lesson plans.

The Million Dollar Machine

We all have choices.  How to make teachers and student happy.

Everyone makes choices. Even babies make choices. Have you ever seen the mother
of a crying baby offer the infant a rattle? When she holds the rattle up, the baby makes a
choice. If he wants the rattle, he stops crying. If he doesn’t want the rattle, he continues
to cry until he is given another choice. When we give children the opportunity to make
choices, we give them a chance to gain a little bit of control over their surroundings.
When children feel like they have some control, they are less likely to act out and
misbehave. Giving children opportunities to make simple choices when they are young
helps them to be more confident when they make more difficult decisions later.