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Dining Resources

A tip sheet written by The Geneva Centre of Autism. 

Tip sheet on using a snack time sequence  Mealtime Tips 

A tipsheet for dealing with children with food preferences

Practice table manners
Practice phone manners  

A colouring book for kids about mealtime.

When we were kids, my little sister, Ellen, made up a story about the silverware on a place setting. She said the fork was an imprisoned princess, separated from her prince (the spoon) by an alligator-infested swamp (the plate) and a mean soldier (the knife.) It always reminded us where to put the fork, knife and spoon when we were setting the dinner table.

In preparation for our Thanksgiving mini-feast we discuss table setting. Children are given a placemat showing location of plate, glass, silverware

The students will practice correct table setting procedures and identify acceptable manners and etiquette skills to be used with meal service. The option and opportunity of dining at LaCaille, a local French European formal restaurant will be introduced to the class.  

Music and Songs: Manners

Which table manners matter the most?