Clothing Resources

I'm Getting Ready is designed as an interactive workbook. Its activities are created to motivate
learning. The "lessons" encourage involvement of friends, groups, family, community, and/or the individual. It can be used by the learner or with help of teachers, mentors, friends, parents, grandparents, foster parents, social workers etc.. It covers topics like apartment searches, legal issues, safety, nutrition, consuming, home management, money management and goal setting.

Lookin' Good! A Mini-Micropedia has comprehensive information that covers ways to use line and design to "look good."

Lookin' Good! Activities for Real Life Learning has over 40 pages of reproducible sheets. Includes clothing plans; line and design; grooming; color analysis; mending, chopping challenges; thrift shop style show; laundry & stain removal activities.
A clothes sorting task.

This one is about winter clothing . see also: Summer Clothing

A great social story.

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