Emotional Management Assessment and Evaluation


Rubistar provides this rubric on recognizing emotions.

E-Center has a large number of task analyses including these that relate to emotional management:
            • Responds to Others' Comments (Negative) 
            • Responds to Others' Comments (Positive)
            • Problem-Solving in a Variety of Situations
            •  Indicates Preference
            •  Ends an Activity
            •  Dealing with Teasing Appropriately
            •  Controlling Temper
            •  Apologizing
http://www.bfinclusion.org.uk/iep%20pdf/Social%20and%20commu nication%20targets.pdf - IEP goals related to social skills, sequencing, attention, concepts, emotions, language/communication, structures and routines.

Here's an IEP Goal Bank, which includes pages and pages of goals, including 384 goals under English and 298 Social/emotional goals!!!  http://www.bridges4kids.org/IEP/iep.goal.bank.pdf

As part of the Second Step program, ________will label her emotions and the emotions of others with 80% accuracy.

As part of the Second Step program, ________ will describe incidents that lead to people experiencing different emotions with 80% accuracy.