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Etiquette Lesson Ideas

  • Involve students in writing the classroom rules. Take this one step further and discuss the possible consequences for not following the rules.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to win at a game. It is often easier to lose when you already have a victory under your belt.
  • Use creative ways to get students attention after a transition – clapping games or finger plays.
  • Have a talking stick – only the student holding the stick can talk – everyone else is being a good listener.
  • When the activity a student has chosen is already full set a timer so that they will know when it is their turn.
  • Give classroom jobs. Rotate the jobs each week so everyone gets to try different jobs.
  • Make get well cards for sick relatives or friends.
  • Share feelings at circle time. Make sure people talk about why they are feeling that way.
  • Draw it and then talk about it.

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