Beginning Sound Lesson Ideas

  • Tell students that you are going to say 2 words and they should put their thumbs up if the words start with the same sound.
  • Read poems or sing songs that have words that start mostly with the same letter. Have students stand up when they hear a word that starts with the given letter.
  • Make a “letter” grocery store: label several brown bags with upper and lower case letters. Put plastic foods or pictures of foods on display. Sort the food into the bag with the beginning sound on it.
  • "Alphabet Album":  Take the photo album and make one page per alphabet letter.  Put the upper and lowercase letters and one or two pictures (whatever will fit) into the page.  Do this for each letter.  After the book is done.  Let your children use a wipe off marker to practice tracing the letter (and say the letter).  The kids love it!  Give the children an old sock so they may wipe it off and do it again.