Digraphs and Diphthongs Lesson Ideas

  • Introduce blends I use sugar and pepper and mix them together so that the kids can see that they are still there but mixed together..... start with l blends and then go to s blends and then r blends
  • Take the 20 common blends and think of a word to go with each one. For example- tw=twig, sw=swim Each student draws a picture of that word (the meaning). Then glue their picture to a sheet of bigger black paper. Leave space at the top of the black paper to add another white paper that says the blend that goes with that picture. For example, a student drew a twig and above that it says "tw".  Then take a chunk (word family) and  write it on a white board. For example-at. A student comes up and holds the whiteboard with the chunk and I hold each picture next to the chunk. We say the blend, and then say the blend and the chunk. "tw...twat" Go through each blend like that with the same chunk. Some make real words and some don't.
  • After introducing the s blends (Trophies), my class is now on the lookout for s blends in their reading. I have construction paper posters with a specific blend written on it. When they come across that blend, they are more than welcome to add it to the poster.
  • To introduce a blend, we go on a blend picnic. You should start with blends with 1 because they are the easiest for the kids. When going on a picnic, they can only bring things that have l blends. I divide chart paper into sections (bl, pl, cl to start) and we make a list under each blend of what we're bringing with. After all blends are taught, I take a large sheet of butcher paper and divide it into (I think it is 20) sections. I write a blend in each box. The kids then work in small groups. They each have a magazine to use and cut out pictures of items that begin (or end!) with a blend. They glue it into the correct box.