High Frequency Words Lesson Ideas

  • Start a "Reading wall" the children bring in anything from their home that they can "read" such as a McDonalds bag or a cereal box. Place it on the "Reading Wall" as something that they can read. The children will love the idea that they can "read" these words!
  • Find Your Name: Take a picture of each child. Print the child's name at the bottom of the picture. Print the child's name on the cardboard strip. Before the children arrive place their name cards on the area rug. Place their pictures on the outside rows of a pocket chart. When the children arrive they find their name card on the area rug and place it next to their picture in the pocket chart. The name cards left on the rug are the children who are absent. If you also use name tags place a table by the pocket chart and after the children place their name cards in the pocket chart they find their name tags on the table. Store the pictures and name cards in the top slots of the pocket chart.
  • Flower Names: Paint  paint stirrers green. Then make a flower head for each child with their name on it (1st name for 3's and first and last for 4's). Laminate the flower heads. Then hot glue the heads to the green paint stirrer sticks to make a flower. Then get a plastic flower pot (medium sized) and fill it 2/3 full of rice. When the children come to school in the morning they find their flower and "plant" it in the flower pot. The children love this
  • Name Table: Scan photographs of each child in the group and place them, along with the child's first name onto the writing/drawing table. Cover each name and photo with clear contact paper so they don't get in the way of the children working, and suddenly I have many children who are interested in not only writing their own name but forming letters and learning other children's names. If you are unable to get the children's photos just print the names on construction paper and place on the table. Cover with contact paper. Later in the year change by adding the child's first and last name to the table.
  • To help children recognize words. Label items throughout the room with paper signs. Such as place the word chair on the chairs. Label the shelves, door, window, cabinet...