High Frequency Words Resources

This website contains a "Dolch Kit" with many practice activities for students to use as they learn
the Dolch, 220 high frequency words.  The Dolch high frequency list was published by Edward William Dolch, Ph.D. in his book, 
Problems in Reading, The Garrard Press, 1948.

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From 50-75% of all words used in school books, library books, newspapers, and magazines are in
the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary of 220 words (preschool thru Grade 3).  The Dolch word list is
made up of "service words" (pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs) which cannot be learned through the use of pictures. 
In this section I've included a series of flashcards that can be printed and used to reinforce
learning, the complete list of preschool words (see table) and some activity ideas for using the

Contains printable record keeping charts, flashcards, phrases, worksheets, activities, word finds and games.

Dolch 220 Sight Word Lists, 3x5 Cards, Checklists, Sight Boards, Take-Home Cards and Dolch Wordsearches.

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Great HFW materials.