Long Vowel Lesson Ideas

  • Make a vowel flower. The center of the flower is a long vowel. Each petal has a word with that long vowel in it. This also could reinforce rhyming words.
  • I think Raffi sang the song ... I Like to Eat, Eat, Eat, Apples and Bananas. Each time you sing the a chorus you change the long vowel sound -  I like to ate, ate, ate, aypples and baynaynays (repeat 3 times) Next is, I like to ite, ite, ite, ipples and bininis......
  • Make little speech bubbles as you write a word. Also put little hats on the vowel that does the talking. Just something small that makes it memorable for some of them.
  • Maybe you can make up a little story about silent e: quiet, but encouraging, often hanging out at the end of a word, lending the vowel friend before him a helpful hand and encouraging them to say their own name....
  • The silent e at the end of the word has super powers that it gives to the vowel that help the vowel say its name. Then, the super e doesn't have enough super powers left to make a noise.
  • Saxon phonics introduces the e as a silent ghost. He sneaks up on the vowel and scares the vowel into saying it's name.

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