Phonological Awareness Skills

Sentence/Word Awareness
            • Demonstrates that sentences are made up of a series of separate words that have meaning. The order of the words gives meaning to the sentence. Changing the order of the words changes the meaning of the sentence.
            • Counts words in a sentence.
            • Recognizes complete vs. incomplete sentences.
            • Identifies the first and last words of a sentence.
            • Applies the rules of capitalization and punctuation.
            • formulates simple and complex sentences.

Syllable Awareness

            • Student is aware that: 
              • All words are made up of parts(syllables). Each syllable has a vowel sound.
              • Syllable segmentation involves breaking a word down into syllables.
              • Syllable blending involves putting syllables together to make a word.
    • Syllable deletion involves saying the part of a word that remains when a syllable is deleted.
    • Syllable isolation involves saying the first or last syllable in a multisyllabic word.


            • Student can tell if two words rhyme (rhyme judgement).
            • Student generates a rhyming words for a given word (rhyme production).

Sound Identification

        • Student recognizes that words are made up of sounds.
          • These sounds  can be heard separately (in isolation).
          • The position of the sound in the word is called it's location.

Sound Blending

          • Student puts individual sounds together to form a word.
          • Onset involves using the sounds that come before the first vowel. Rime involves the vowel and all the sounds that follow it. 

Sound Segmentation

        • Student isolates  sounds in a spoken word by separately pronouncing them in order. 

Sound Manipulation

            • Changes the sounds in words by adding sounds (sound addition)  
            • Changes the sounds in words by deleting sounds (sound deletion) 
            • Changes the sounds in words by exchanging one sound for another (sound substitution).