Syllable Lesson Ideas

Syllabication Rules

  • one vowel sound (stamp)
  • like consonants between vowels (carrot)
  • unlike consonants between vowels (conform)
  • consonant blends and digraphs between two vowels (complex)
  • one consonant between two vowels (label)
  • suffixes (trying)
  • three vowel sounds (contradict)
  • ending le (table)
  • prefixes (dislike)

  • Clap the syllables in student's names. 
  • Clap the names of animals. Sort pictures of animals by the number of syllables in their name.
  • Clapping words: clap your name, your friend’s name, your mom’s, your dad’s, etc.
  • Make a puzzle: Draw or cut a picture from a magazine. Write the word by syllable on the picture. Cut the picture at each syllable. Have the child recreate the picture.
  • Tell students that you are going to say some names of snacks. Slowly say each of the syllables " rai......sins". Have the students guess what snack you are saying.


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