Punctuation Lesson Ideas

  • Assign a sound to each punctuation mark. Read a daily message out loud with students making the sound of each mark. 
  • Have students highlight punctuation marks in a passage. Tally the number and types of marks.
  • Have students put a green circle at the beginning of sentences around the capital. Have them put a red circle at the end of sentences where the punctuation is. Every sentence must have a green and red circle.
  • bring in some oreos. Talk about how an oreo has a top, a middle and a bottom. Talk about how a sentence is kind of like an oreo. The top chocolate part is the capital letter, the creamy inside is the middle of the sentence and the bottom cookie is the ending mark. If they have all parts of the sentence, they have a yummy sentence. Throughout the year they make sure their work is full of yummy sentences. Have a laminated oreo cookie decoration labeled with "capital letter" in the top cookie and "ending mark" on the bottom cookie and the words "yummy sentence" in the middle. 
Jessi Lalonde,
Aug 6, 2010, 7:39 AM