Colours Lesson Ideas

  • Have colour days. Each day celebrate one colour. Encourgae students to wear that colour to school(send a coloured piece of paper home the night before), have snack that is that colour (bananas on yellow day), paint with that colour, go on a hunt for items of the special colour around the school, learn a poem about that colour.
  • Play Colour Match. Have students give you a block that is the same colour as yours.
  • Sort items by colour.
  • Cut out red things from magazines. Make a chart to glue your pictures to. Is your picture clothing, food, nature, a sign or a book?
  • Make a colour scrapbook. Work on one colour page at a time. Add colour swatches, magazine pictures, etc. Help students write the name of the colour on the page and tell the rest of the class about it.
  • Make paper chains with patterns of colours. Ask students “What colour comes next?”
  • Talk about the colours of the rainbow. Give students crayons for each colour of the rainbow and walk them through how to draw their own rainbow.
  • Show students some still life paintings. Arrange items that are the same colour on a table and have students do their own still life paintings.
  • Have students sit in a circle. Ask “who is wearing a red shirt and black shoes?” The student who matches this description should stand up and say “I’m wearing a red shirt and black shoes.”
  • Play I Spy. Look around the room for objects and have students guess by giving them a clue about the colour. “I spy with my little eye something that is blue.”
  • Have students guess an object that you describe. “I’m thinking about something that is red and grows on trees.”
  • Change colours! Use baby food jars and coloured water to allow students to experiment with colour mixing.
  • Introduce shades of colours. Once students are familiar with the basic colours, teach them terms like light, dark, pale, bright. Use paint samples from hardware stores to help. Can students use these descriptive words to describe their clothes? “I’m wearing a light pick sweater today.”
  • Read books about colours like Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle.

Write this poem on the board:

          • An apple is red.
          • A pepper is green.
          • Name the colour of a tangerine!
          • A banana is yellow.
          • The sky is blue.
          • Name the colour of your own shoe!

Ask students to think of new words that they can substitute for the underlined words.

  • Color Glove: Teach kids five colors with this song and idea from Take white gloves and paint the fingers only of both hands. Paint them red, yellow, blue, green, orange, so that you have two of each color.  Then, sing this song.
      • Tune: "Are You Sleeping" 
      • Where is red? (bring one hand up with all fingers showing) 
      • Where is red? (repeat with other hand.) 
      • Here I am,  (wave one hand) 
      • Here I am (wave other hand) 
      • Show me if you can, (Hold hands up) 
      • Show me if you can. 
      • Where is red? 
      • Where is red?
      • Repeat this with all the colors allowing the kids to show you the colors.

  • Color Houses : Cut the six different felt pieces into houses- about 4-6 inches big(big enough to hide a mouse under). Cut the brown felt into a mouse. Using a felt board hide the mouse under a colored house without the children seeing and have them guess the color the mouse is under. Have them say the names of the colors.

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