Sentence Writing Lesson Ideas

  • Write a sentence together on a strip of paper. Cut it apart and have the student put it back together in the right order. 
  • Record students reading their sentences to check for grammar and meaning.
  • You could make sentence strips - several with subjects, several with predicates - and have the kids match them to make complete sentences. Show them pictures and have them suggest complete sentences about the pictures. Go around the room and name each student as the subject of a sentence and have each of them complete the sentence. Brainstorm a list of verbs first. You could make it fun by having them think of verbs that start with the first letter of their own names.
  •  "Name that Goof" is what we call the game. Each of my kids has individual white boards (homemade), they lay them on their desk and have to have both hands on the top of their heads. I show one group of words and on the signal (bike horn) they have 10 seconds to tell me what's wrong with the sentence (we have a chart that lists them as A,B,C, etc). They all flash their boards at the same time. I then do a random pull and if the person I call on can tell me how to fix it they earn a prize (sticker, etc).
  • Model, model, model! Use different colors to underline the naming part and the telling part. Question them about the sentence, ask them who/what the sentence is about. Ask what the person/thing is doing. Tell them if they can't answer one of those questions about the sentence then it is not complete.
  • Unique Sentence Idea----- Flower 
Make flower pedals. (about 2x3 inches).
A round center. (about 4 inches)
Stem. (2 inches wide and as long as a big sheet of construction paper.
2 leaves. 
Students write a subject on the center.
Adjectivies on each petal.
Verbs on each leaf.
Write a complete sentence on the stem using the words on their flower. 
Glue all the parts together and make a big sentence flower.