Short Vowel Lesson Ideas

At this point learning the short vowels is really just about learning the alphabet - see Alphabet Lesson Ideas.

    • Old McDonald had a farm A-E-I-O-U
and on this farm he has a cat (because of short a sound) 
with a /a/, /a/ here and a /a/, /a/ there
here an /a/, there an /a/, everywhere an /a/, /a/
Old McDonald had a farm
the song repeats with other farm animal: hen (short e sound), pig, dog, and duck.

A is for Airplane — Pretend to be an airplane. Spread your arms way out at your sides and "fly" around the room. Don't forget to add sound effects too!
E is for Elephant — Pretend to be an elephant by making an imaginary elephant trunk with your arm.
I is for Itch — Pretend to scratch an itch.
O is for Open — Open and close your hands, or open a drawer or door.
U is for Up — Pick your child up.

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