• Reads suffixes
  • Knows the meaning of suffixes



dog - dogs

 ed with t sound






 ed with d sound


talk - talked



look - looking



dish - dishes

 double final consonant and add ing

run - running

 double final consonant and add ed

hop - hopped

 drop final e and add ing


bite - biting



fast - faster



sleep - sleepy



slow - slowly



cheap - cheapest

 y to i and add es


cherry - cherries

 y to i and add est


happy - happiest

 remove y and add ily 

easy - easily



grow - grown



eat - eaten



help - helpful

 f to v and add es


leaf - leaves



act - actor



four - fourth



dark - darkness



act - action

 ous (drop final e)


fame - famous    



improve - improvement



accident - accidental

 drop final e and add ation


imagine - imagination    



down - downward

 ist (drop final e)


type - typist



help - helpless



magic - magician

 able (drop final e) 

value - valuable



friend - friendship

 ance (drop final e) 

endure - endurance


fool - foolish



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Jessi Lalonde,
Jul 9, 2010, 2:42 PM