Suffixes Lesson Ideas

  • If you take a 3 section plate (like from dixie) and label the large section base word and put a bunch of words like "unbelievable" then lable one of the small sections prefix and one suffix then they can cut the word apart and put the parts in the correct spot: EX: un-prefix believe-base word able suffix
  • I use an elephant to teach base words with prefixes and suffixes. The prefix is the "pretty nose" and the suffix is the "silly tail". I draw an elephant on the board and write the word parts under the correct part of the elephant. Some words won't have a nose or a tail, but always has the body. The kids like using alliteration to help them remember which one is in the front of the word or the back. It's silly but it works for me.
  • Teach prefixes earlier in the year, until the kids get them down, and then go to suffixes (or vice versa.) Otherwise they get confused.

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Jessi Lalonde,
Aug 5, 2010, 1:07 PM