Bottom/Top Ideas and Resources

          • Play the Cups and Ball game. Let your child watch as you put a ball under one of 3 upside down plastic cups (not the clear, see-through kind). Tell your child to watch the cup that has the ball under it. Then, move them around and have your child guess where the ball is. Left, right or middle. Lift up the cups and see if their guess was correct. Let them try to fool you.
          • Talk about plants and flowers. Discuss the leaves on top of a tree, or flowers on top of a plant. Discuss the middle of the tree or plant (trunk or stem) and the bottom roots. 
          • Talk about the body: Head is at the top, belly in the middle, and feet on the bottom.
          • Beanbag or Ball Toss: Use a large piece of cardboard and cut 3 holes (make a top, middle and bottom). Have your child throw the ball or beanbag into one of the three holes. Tell your child what hole the ball went through. As you're your child gets better, make a spinner to tell them what hole to try for or make up directions cards. (Color-code each hole for the card version.)

Top, bottom, above, and below. These prepositional words can be confusing for kids, but they're important concepts to understand for later geometry. Help her get a handle on this pre-geometry knowledge with a fun, colorful worksheet!

Top/Bottom activity.