• Play Simon Says.
          • When you are waiting in line at the bank, post office, or grocery store, talk to your child about where you are in the line. For example, "We are in back of the lady in the blue blouse and in front of the man with the red baseball hat."
          • Matching Game: Get a magazine and cut out pictures that depict an entire animal, vehicle, or other object. Paste the pictures on index cards. Cut the cards in half and ask your child to match the front and back parts together like a puzzle.
          • Show your child the front and back of different objects such as books, boxes, and clothing. Allow your child to compare the backs and fronts of objects.
          • Ask the children to stand. Have every other child turn around to create a pattern of facing front, facing back. Tell the children that back and front are description words. They are also both direction and position words. Backward and forward are direction words. They tell us which direction something is moving or facing.
  • Read:
    • Annos Counting House by Mitsumasa Anno
    • The Backward Day by Ruth Krauss
    • Backwards Day by Joan Holub
    • Becca Backward, Becca Frontward by Bruce McMillan
    • Front Frog Fred and Back Frog Jack by Mr. Sunshine
    • The Little Engine That Could by Wally Piper
    • Push, Pull, Empty, Full: A Book of Opposites by Tana Hoban
    • Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch
  • Invite the children to draw a picture on the front of their paper and then turn their paper over to draw a picture on the back of their paper.
  • Language (Linguistic)
  • Provide a book that can be read front to back and then turned over and read back to front such as Wake Up and Good Night by Charlotte Zolotow. Encourage the children to explore the book.
  • Music (Musical, Naturalist)
  • Provide Two-Sided Frog Puppets (Appendix p. 475). Make up a story about Front Frog Fred and Back Frog Jack using the puppets. Create a frog song for the frogs to sing. Will they sing the same song ora different song? Who is Fred and who is Jack?

Posy Pig Front and Back Worksheet 
see also Worksheet 2