Over/Under Ideas and Resources

          • Read We Are Going On A Bear Hunt 
          • Listen to this fun version of We Are Going On A Bear Hunt
          • Do the body play Bear Hunt.
          • Lay on the ground with your child and look up into the sky. Talk about the planes, birds and other things that are moving overhead.
          • Talk about the things you go over such as a bridge or a stream.
          • Before going on a nature walk talk about the things you are putting on such as shoes, a jacket, and binoculars. As you walk, talk about the things you find on the ground. When you get home, talk about all the wonderful things you've collected while walking and place them on anature table!
          • Make a tent out of your kitchen table! While your child is under the table, talk about his/her position.
          • Play a game of Limbo! You can use a rope or a broom for this fun game.
          • Play a direction game with your child. Ask your child to stack blocks on top of one another, next to one another, then put two blocks close together and put another on top of or over the two blocks to form a bridge, ask your child to put a block under the "bridge".

Over and under cut and paste worksheet.

Placemat weaving activity.

Learning about under.

Under/below activities.