• stamp their right hand every day for the entire first and second quarters of school.
          • write an L on left hand and R on right hand in washable marker.
          • if you teach at a catholic school, remind them they use their right hand to make the sign of the cross.
          • have them hold their hands out in front of them and see that their left hand looks like/makes the letter "L"
          • label their desks left and right
          • label the inside of your classroom door left and right
          • I use the Cha Cha Slide song with them as well. My kids beg for it! It reinforces left and right, counting, and following directions!

With a marker and some creativity preschoolers will master the concepts of left and right in no time. The concept of left and right activity helps preschoolers comprehend the notion of direction by marking the words left and right directly onto their hands and feet. Preschoolers will have a jolly good time distinguishing between their left and their right.

Games to Teach Preschoolers the Concepts of Motion and Direction

This group of worksheets is designed to help kids learn and practice recognizing left and right. We have a few different sets of worksheets with a variety of themes that challenge kids to identify things that are on the left or right as well as facing left or right. 

Oh no! Hansel and Gretel need to find their way home, but they're all mixed up. Invite your kid to help them get home...without passing by the Gingerbread House. This adventurous worksheet will lead the pair home as it boosts your first grader's comfort with following directions and maps.
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