Up/Down Ideas and Resources

          • Use the words "up" and "down" as you talk with your child in everyday, normal conversations. Point to the clouds or stars and say they are up in the sky. Point to the grass and say it grows down on the ground. When you lift your child up off the ground, and put them back down on the ground, say out loud, "I'm lifting you up, and now I'm putting you down."
          • Take a trip to the park. As you play on the equipment use the words "up" and "down." For example, "You are climbing up the ladder so you can go down the slide," and, "You are swinging up, and now you are swinging back down."
          • Play with a Busy Beads toy and talk about pushing the beads up and down and all around.
          • Beanbag Toss: Throw your beanbag up, and watch it come down.
          • Water Play: Using a basin of water or when your child is in the bath tub, talk about what objects float up on top of the water and what objects sink down to the bottom. Note: Constant adult supervision required.
          • Do jumping jacks and describe what you are doing: "Clap your hands together up above your head. Bring your hands down to your sides."
          • Bounce a ball up and down.
          • Listen to and sing along with the Itsy, Bitsy Spider. Get the Itsy Bitsy Spider lyrics, sheet music, and coloring pages.

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