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Grocery Shopping Lesson Ideas

  • Create shopping lists made up of pictures clipped from flyers. 
  • Divide the shopping list into categories.
  • interview people from different stages of life for budgeting advice
  • keep track of one week’s purchases. Describe factors influencing the choice and consequences
  • collect pictures showing evidence of life style choices
  • create imagined budgets for people in different life situations (unemployed, college student, CEO)
  • visit a grocery store with a shopping list to make choices using unit pricing
  • look in newspapers, magazines, and advertisements to find coupons. Evaluate their value
  • practice making change as though in a store
  • make a grocery list with the help of the newspaper and use a calculator to figure out the cost
  • create your own grocery store using empty boxes and containers. Practice pricing them
  • plan a menu and find the lowest cost for food preparations
  • create a radio or tv ad to encourage savings
  • create a list of money saving techniques
  • look through flyers - talk about the food and prices. Ask questions like: What is the most expensive item you see? What is the least? If you had $10 what would you buy? What sorts of things are grouped together?