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More Health Skills

  • Gets enough rest and sleep so that he/she is not tired and sleepy. 
  • Eats a balanced diet.
  • Avoids tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and drugs.
  • Gets plenty of exercise and fresh air.
  • Washes his/her hands after going to the bathroom and before meals.
  • Keeps his/her body clean and odour free.
  • Uses his/her best posture.
  • Avoids contacting and spreading germs and infections.
  • Strives to follow what he/she believes to be good health habits.
  • Tries to learn about good health by reading articles in various media.
  • Avoids doing things that may he harmful to his/her eyes.
  • Avoids doing things that may he harmful to his/her ears.
  • Brushes his/her teeth regularly and properly.
  • Treats minor injuries and illnesses appropriately.
  • Avoids taking medication unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • Seeks medical attention when appropriate.
  • Seeks to have a happy relationship with others.
  • Likes to learn about and do new things.
  • Strives to enjoy life.
  • Feels good about himself or herself.
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