Home Maintenance

  • Keeps belongings neat and tidy (puts books on a shelf)
  • Recognizes that laundry needs to be done
  • Does the laundry correctly (separating colours, adding detergent, using dryer or hanging to dry)
  • Effectively makes the bed
  • Washes and dries dishes
  • Cleans dry surfaces (sweeping and dusting)
  • Cleans wet surfaces (washing windows and mopping the floor)
  • Separates waste products into appropriate categories (recycling, composting and garbage)
  • Irons clothes safely and effectively
  • Recognizes warning labels on common products (household cleaning products)
  • Secures the home (windows, doors)
  • Uses a toilet appropriately (knowing what items are safe to flush)
  • Recognizes when to replace commonly used household items (tissue, paper towel and light bulbs)
  • Recognizes situations where extra help is required (calling a plumber)
  • Plans and executes a fire safety plan (fire extinguishers, exits and routes)
  • Knows how and when to call EMS/911, and knows who to contact when help is needed but it is not an emergency

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