Kitchen and Food

  • Uses and identifies kitchen tools 
  • Uses and identifies kitchen appliances
  • Identifies objects in the kitchen that are hot and cold
  • Uses an ingredients list to make safe food choices (checking for allergies and sensitivities)
  • Prepares and stores food to avoid contamination (keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold)
  • Recognizes the need to properly wash hands when working with food
  • Follows and demonstrates proper hand washing procedures
  • Locates and understands food expiration dates
  • Understands the terminology associated with cooking food (beat, blend, mix)
  • Locates the information on food packaging (picture, name, nutrition label)
  • Sets the table
  • Demonstrates appropriate table manners (chewing with the mouth closed, appropriate speed of eating)

                             Kitchen Safety Skills                             Recipe Reading Skills                                    Dining Skills

                                      Cooking Skills                              Math in the Kitchen Skills                            Food Labels Skills