Community Helpers Assessment and Evaluation

Autism4Teachers provides the following data collection sheet.

Here is a Community Helpers Unit which includes a rubric for assessment.

Teacherjet provides the following Community Helper Rubric.

Here is a task analysis of calling 911.

Here are some sample SMART Goals:
          • _______ will state the emergency procedures within the school and community settings with _________ percent accuracy as measured by __________ (evaluation tool).
          • ________ will demonstrate proficiency in accessing and using community services to a _________ level (independent, adult/peer assisted, etc.) as measured by ________ (observational data, checklist data, anecdotal records, etc.).
          • ______ will identify, access and use community services (fire, police, ambulance) and support services (vocational rehab, welfare, SSI, MRDD) appropriately with/without assistance ___ out of ___ opportunities as measured by ________ (evaluation tool).