Students will demonstrate an understanding of:
  • when to do the laundry
  • hanging up clean clothes and putting dirty clothes in a basket/hamper
  • separating machine from hand washables
  • separating whites and colours
  • checking pockets before washing
  • washes items by hand
  • hangs item on a clothesline
  • properly loads washing machine(knows what setting to use)
  • measures soap
  • uses dryer
  • empty the dryer lint compartment
  • uses coin operated machines
  • how to fold the laundry
  • labels on clothes
  • special instructions for washing, drying, etc. 
  • how to hang their clothes up and why it is important to hang your clothes up
  • techniques for polishing shoes
  • how to iron and why it is important
  • stain removal
  • how to clean laundry machines