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Laundry Lesson Ideas

  • create ads for cleaning products
  • research stain removal on the Internet
  • analyse full basket of normal laundry including linens
  • look at threads and fibres under a microscope
  • visit a Laundromat
  • create a laundry supply box or basket
  • create a cleaning product box or basket
  • create a puppet show depicting different fibres and their care process
  • visit a dry cleaning store and Laundromat
  • play warning label BINGO
  • play cleaning Jeopardy
  • research the Internet for processes of shoe care
  • sequence the steps involved in doing the laundry
  • borrow a few items of clothing from the Lost and Found. Look at the laundry tags - what do the symbols and colours mean? Go to the washing machine and talk about how you would adjust the settings to wash these items. Actually do some laundry.

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