Measurement Resources

Comparison activities develop an understanding of mathematical order.

These measurement worksheets will help make learning more engaging for your child. Use the dropdown menus or browse our selection of measurement worksheets to find what's right for your child. 

Worksheet generator related to biggest and smallest. 

Printables related to measuring with inches and centimeters.  
 Free measurement printables. 


Read different thermometers and understand the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


Find out more about calculating volume and measuring space.

Length, weight and capacity   

How to measure all three and read scales.
e.g. This nail is 3cm 

raw numbers: Weighing in metric

Watch a video-clip of Kieran, apprentice chef at Fifteen restaurant, talking about weighing ingredients in metric.


Using scales on maps.
Scale: 1 cm = 2 km
so 3 cm = 6 km


Find out how to work out the perimeter of rectangles, squares and irregular shapes.

Area of rectangles

The area of a rectangle = length x width

Teach your students or child measuring with our measurement worksheets and lessons. Do your students know and understand how to measure and convert different types of items?  Then use these worksheets to help practice how to measure.

Help kids learn the basic size concepts like; big and small, tall and short, long and short, and more...

A size matching activity.
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