Money Skills

Students will demonstrate an understanding of :

  • The names of different coins and bills
  • The value of different coins and bills
  • Count a group of coins
  • Making equivalent value of coins to $1.00
  • Read money amounts containing dollars and cents
  • Round of money amounts to the nearest dollar
  • Use the next highest dollar amount strategy for prices that have dollars and cents
  • Converting groups of coins
  • Skip count by 5’s, 10’s, 20’s to 100 in currency
  • Making change
  • Estimating an item’s approximate value
  • Estimating what could be purchased with a given amount of money
  • Identify places where money can be kept safely
  • How a savings account works
  • Different ways that people can earn money
  • Different appropriate ways that people can spend money
  • Demonstrate paying and receiving
  • Calculating the price of a discounted item
See the link below for skills related to banking.

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