Counting Resources

We have a couple sets of printable number worksheets that we just finished that we know you will love. We also have some extra printable number activities like coloring by numbers and number coloring pages for you to use with your kids.

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Number recognition and counting activities prepare preschoolers for grade school level addition and subtraction exercises.

Counting worksheets which help teach basic computations.

These counting and numbers worksheets will help make learning more engaging for your child. Use the dropdown menus or browse our selection of counting worksheets to find what's right for your child.

Activities, Quizzes, Books to Print, and Worksheets

Songs and poems about counting.
A large number of counting worksheets.
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This Kindergarten Worksheet will produce a problem where it asks the children to match the number with the correct group of objects.
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Worksheets and lessons for teaching classification, counting, and recognition skills.

This worksheet generator makes number charts of whole numbers, either with the numbers or empty or partially filled as you dictate.

Make a counting binder.

A counting worksheet.
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