Object Manipulation

  • Pushes an object forward (pushing away a plate, opening a door)
  • Pulls an object towards oneself (opening a door, bringing a book toward body)
  • Grasps an object with whole hand (picking up a ball)
  • Purposefully holds an object in hand (object is held ready for functional use)
  • Controls/manipulates an object in hand (turning a pencil around to use the eraser)
  • Moves an object from palm to fingertips (holding quarters and moving them into a machine slot)
  • Grasps an object with pincer grip (holding a pencil)
  • Holds and uses a tool with whole hand (cup, shoe, cloth)
  • Holds and uses a tool with pincer grip (pencil, fork, spoon)
  • Holds and uses ability-specific scissors with a purpose
  • Controls releasing of an object from the hand (placing blocks in specific holes)
  • Transfers an object between hands with control (passing an object from hand to hand)
  • Holds an object with two hands using whole hand grip (grasping a bigger ball and taking it somewhere)
  • Holds an object with two hands using key grip (grasping a plate and taking it to a table)
  • Manipulates an object with two hands using a variety of grips with a purpose (washing dishes, pulling a zipper, opening a lid)


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