Object Manipulation Assessment and Evaluation

Here are some tracking sheets related to prehandwriting skills:

Here is a tracking sheet for evaluating cutting skills.

Mrs Jones has a number of fine motor rubrics.

Here is another detailed fine motor rubric.

Here is one more fine motor rubric.
Fine Motor Manipulation Rubric

Handwriting Rubric

Fine Motor OT Rubric

Scissor Skills Rubric

iRubric: Catching and Throwing K-5 rubric

Here is a task analysis and other resources related to cutting with scissors.

Activity schedules can double as task analyses. They save time because you have two resources (a visual for the student and an assessment tool for the teacher) for the time it takes to make one.
Here is one from Wiki How about how to colour neatly.

E-Center has a number of task analyses including these on:
Cutting with Scissors
Folding Washcloths/Towels
Printing Name
Printing Readiness

This link will lead you to a bank of IEP goals with many fine motor objectives.

http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/sped/SPARK/teachermat/alligator/skill s-finemotor.html - Fine motor skills goals.

http://www.playistherapy.com/?gclid=COzotP_894oCFQVAgQodakAr lw - Fine motor skills goals.