Rolling and Throwing Lesson Ideas

  • Start with large, soft balls.
  • Demonstrate how to trap the ball.
  • Gradually increase the distance between students and their targets.
  • Vary objects.
  • Look at the throwing pattern the child uses. Early throwers fling to ball forward and down. Later they learn to throw underhand and then they learn to raise their arms and throw overhead.

Outdoor Bowling 
Kids follow directions, use eye hand coordination and gross motor skills when they bowl during outdoor play with this game by

Materials: Empty 2 litre soda bottles and balls.

Description: Teachers set up plastic bottles like bowling pins, have kids use  a lightweight plastic ball to roll from a short distance to knock the bottles down.  This will be best accomplished by showing them, the first time, what you  want them to do.  The bottles do not have to be set up in a specific way so try  to get the kids to help set up as well as bowl.